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Online Service for Checking and Addressing potential Social Security Contributions Gaps

19/07/2022 | Latest News

This online service aims to help citizens check for and address any unpaid Social Security Contributions. Accordingly, the potential gaps in Social Security Contributions are listed once the citizen authenticates with one’s e-ID credentials, and the user is presented with a number of Action Points on how to remedy the potential gaps in Social Security Contributions. The online service offers a user-friendly design which includes validations to assist citizens in understanding each of the indicated Action Points. When documents and/or details are submitted, an email is sent to the applicant related to the Action Point/s selected. To check for social security contribution potential gaps, access website and select ‘Check Missing Social Security Contributions’ service from the Online Services menu.

Action Point 1 – A citizen who has missing Social Security Contributions, despite being certain that they were paid in full, has the option of submitting documents as proof that the contributions were paid. If such documents are not available, the citizen may give the Department of Social Security permission to request information from the Commissioner of Revenue.

Action Point 2 – Any unpaid leave (including study leave, vacation leave, voluntary work abroad, or possible uncertified unpaid sick or injury leave) that is not listed on the Social Security Contributions History Sheet may be addressed by submitting relevant Reference Letters.

Action Point 3 – A citizen can submit relevant documentation to address periods when they received Sickness, Unemployment, or Injury Benefits that are not recorded on the Social Security Contributions History Sheet.

Action Point 4 – Provides information to those who are eligible to pay back-dated pro-rata (reduced) Social Security Contribution rates, as well as how this will result in a lower amount of contributions recorded during the specific period of employment.

Action Points 5, 6, 7 and 8 – Will direct citizens on how to apply to pay retrospective Social Security Contributions.

Action Point 9 – Allows the citizen to check for any Child, Carers or Service Pensions Social Security Credits to which he or she may be entitled, which can only be sought once the citizen has reached the age of 58.