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Proceeding Abroad Notification 

Change in Circumstances - Proceeding Abroad

Personal Details

Civil Status

Spouse / Partner Details

The details requested are those of the other person forming part of this family unit
Civil Status

Proceeding Abroad from Malta Details

This refers to the action of leaving Malta to travel or relocate to a foreign country
Indicate where you are proceeding to
Indicate the Purpose for Proceeding Abroad

Period Details

Specify the nature of travel from Malta to another country

Indicate the duration of travel

Are you in receipt of Children’s Allowance and/or Disabled Child Allowance from the Department of Social Security in Malta?
Did you leave/are you leaving Malta as an entire family?
Are any of the family members mentioned above gainfully employed in Malta?

New Contact Details

Application is submitted by

Read the Social Security Declaration

Read the Data Protection Declaration

I accept the Social Security and the Data Protection Declarations


Maximum file size: 5MB

Maximum file size: 5MB