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Retrospective Payment of Contributions

Retrospective Payment of Contributions

Eligibility Check

Are you resident in Malta?
You are not eligible to apply. This application applies only to Maltese residents.
You are not eligible to apply. This applies only to applicants between the age of 59 and 64 years.
You are not eligible. This applies only for Maltese residents between the age of 59 and 64 years and are still gainfully occupied.

Applicant’s Details

Civil Status

Contact Details

Are you a mother?

In case applicant is also a mother

Have you ever had a career break to bring up your children?
Did you return to a gainful occupation after the career break?

Are you currently Employed or Self-Occupied?
Do you want to pay retrospective contributions to be able to retire at an earlier age than your retirement age?
Besides your retirement age, is there another date when you intend to stop working and paying Social Security Contributions?
Have you ever lived abroad?

In case applicant lived abroad

[+] add
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Did you ever work in any of the following countries - Australia, Canada, UK, New Zealand or any EU Member State?
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Read the Social Security Declaration

Read the Data Protection Declaration

I accept the Social Security and the Data Protection Declarations

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