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Six Things You Should Know About Social Security Online

02/10/2023 | Latest News

It’s never been easier to do business with us online. Often there is no need to call or visit an office. Here are six things that can make your life easier:

  • mySocialSecurity. Did you know you already have access to much of your Social Security information? All you need to do is create or sign in with your e-ID to access your personal mySocialSecurity. You can view your benefit payment received, update your contact and banking details, view your social security contributions, and more. Click here to learn more on how to create your e-ID account.
  • Stay Informed! Subscribe to stay informed about our latest Social Policy. Click here to subscribe.
  • Benefits and Services Information. Need more information about our Benefits and Services? There’s a webpage for that. Visit our Information and Benefits Services webpage to learn more.
  • Apply for your Benefits and Services Online. You can complete and submit your online application for benefits and services in as little as 15 minutes from our A to Z List of Applications and Services
  • Social Media. Visit and follow our social media page Department of Social Security – Malta for information about social policy.
  • Customer Care. Our Customer Care Team is ready to help. Click here to contact us.

Our online resources don’t end there. If you didn’t see what you need in the list above, visit our Social Security website. Please share these pages with your friends and family.