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The System for the Administration of Social Benefits

01/01/2023 | Latest News

The System for the Administration of Social Benefits (SABS) is one of Government’s core information technology systems. For the past thirty years, SABS has served and continues to serve all operational and business process functionality required by the Department of Social Security (DSS) to process, manage, assess, and pay out social security benefits. The magnitude and complexity of the solution are significant, and it continues to evolve as changes to business rules and legislation governing social security benefits are updated. SABS is a bespoke solution developed by the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) and is used to determine eligibility for social security benefits. An assessment determines whether an application is accepted or rejected, which is then authorised to allow payment of the benefit or rejection, which spans the following domains:
  • Non-Contributory Benefits: The eligibility for these benefits is not based on a contributions test but assesses the Financial Means, Household Composition and also evaluates Medical Condition.
  • Contributory Pensions: The assessment is mainly based on tests are based on Statutory Conditions, Social Security Contributions paid or credited, Pensionable Income and Employment details. Local/Foreign Service Pensions may affect local pension. Invalidity/Injury Pensions are subject to Medical Panel evaluation.
  • Short-term Benefits: Eligibility requires a Contribution test, but unlike pensions such benefits are of short-term in nature, not for life. Medical Board examination may be required in case of sickness or injury. Civil status, employment type and history are also evaluated during assessment.
  • Other Benefits: Family and Work-related benefits, Grants, Bonuses and Schemes which are subject to different eligibility criteria.
The SABS also generates various standard executive, customer, or operational reports. Ad hoc reports and statistics can also be generated through data querying. The operational reports provide for internal process reporting (e.g. benefit payments, entitlement checks, etc), general accounting reporting, financial reports and statistical reports. The SABS is used to generate a selection operational reports required for the daily running of the Department’s responsibilities. The systems also interact with other Government Systems (such as Taxation System) and Shared Services (such as Common database and Notifications Platform) to assist and support the Department in achieveing better its social security processes to the public. The Department continues in the process of modernizing the system to further improve its internal and external service delivery.