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What Should You Expect When Visiting the Social Security Website?

02/10/2023 | Latest News

We believe that a website should be user-friendly, allowing users to find information using any digital device. This website is aimed at all individuals, starting with vulnerable people, the disabled, pensioners and those who want to improve their quality of life and enter the world of work. It is also aimed at those who, due to circumstances in their lives, can do no more than being financially assisted.

As a result, the website is designed to guide you to the information you need through icons, from how to apply to how to submit your application or use an online service. Customer services have advanced from the traditional over-the-counter experience where citizens physically had to visit customer care offices, and which sometimes encountered delays. The digital public service user experience has improved through various new and enhanced services available anytime and anywhere via mobile devices. Online public services are no longer the exception, but the rule, and will become more prevalent with the adoption of innovative technologies.

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