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Social Security Related Legislation

Social Security Act

To  establish  a  scheme  of  social  security  and  to  consolidate  with  amendments  existing provisions  concerning  the  payment  of  social  security  benefits,  pensions  and  allowances, social and medical assistance, non-contributory pensions and the payment of social security ​contributions by employees, employers, self-employed and the State.

Cap. 318.

Trusts and Trustees Act​​

The Maternity Leave Contribution that came into effect as of 1st July 2015 through Legal Notice 257 of 2015 (Trusts and Trustees Act Cap. 331.) is to be paid by Employers for all their employees in the private sector. 

Cap. 331.​ ​​

​​Widows’ Orphans’ and Pensions Act​​

To make provision for granting pensions to Widows and Children of deceased Public Officers. 

Cap. 58.​