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Clarity in Communication: How the Department of Social Security Prioritises Clear Writing

01/09/2023 | Latest News

Effective communication is the foundation of any successful organisation and the Department of Social Security understands its pivotal role in serving the public. As an institution that interacts daily with beneficiaries and the general public, the department is committed to providing clear and accessible information to all stakeholders, which is available in both the Maltese and English languages.

In order to fulfill their promise to the public, the Department of Social Security has made clear writing a top priority. The department recognises that the language used in their communications must be easily understood by all involved. While benefits entitlement can often be intricate and challenging to explain, the department strives to simplify their written content, making it easier for recipients to comprehend better.

The Department of Social Security commits to write in clear, useful and understandable language that the public can grasp on first reading. This commitment reflects the department’s dedication to ensuring that the information it provides is not only accurate but also comprehensible while reducing the likelihood of misunderstandings or misinterpretations.

The department acknowledges that feedback from the public is crucial in its pursuit of clarity. It  actively encourages individuals to reach out if they encounter any difficulties in understanding online forms, notices, pamphlets, or webpages from the department’s site. In terms of online forms, the department aims to provide applicants with the motivation to submit an application or utilize an online service without having to speak with customer support. By doing so, the Department of Social Security aims to foster a collaborative relationship with the public, recognising that their experiences and insights can drive continuous improvement.

The department has established a dedicated email address,, to receive and review suggestions, extending an invitation for the public to share their recommendations on how to enhance written communication further. This feedback mechanism enables the department to identify areas of improvement and refine their communication strategy.

The ultimate goal of the Department of Social Security is to ensure that all individuals, regardless of their background or familiarity with  , that may sometimes be used by the department due to legal terms. By prioritising clear writing, the department seeks to empower the public to make informed decisions about their benefits and services.

The Department of Social Security is fully dedicated to communicating with clarity and simplicity. This commitment to utilising clear writing in all communications reflects the department’s unwavering dedication to effectively serve the public. By actively seeking feedback and valuing the input of beneficiaries and the rest of the public, the department is continuously improving its written materials and ensuring that vital information remains accessible to all.