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Certification of Insurable Employment Periods in another European Union (EU) Country – Form U1


The U1 form certifies your periods of insurable employment or self-occupation completed in a European Union (EU) country , which will be taken into account for the award of unemployment benefits. The U1 is issued by the country where you worked and paid the relative social security contributions. 

The U1 form is not the correct application to request records about Social Security Contributions paid while employed and/or self-occupied in Malta.

What you’ll get

  • A U1 certificate showing the periods of insurable employment completed under the Maltese social security scheme. This will serve as evidence of the contributions you paid in the Maltese scheme which can be utilised to claim unemployment benefits in another European Union (EU)


General eligibility criteria:

  • You are eligible to receive a U1 certification document if, through work activity as an employed or self-occupied person, you completed a period of insurance in the Maltese social security scheme.
  • If you were employed in Malta but did not pay any social security contributions, because the work activity was not considered an insurable activity, the U1 is not applicable.
  • Requested documents in the U1 form can only be accepted through the online application form. Any documents sent through email will be rejected.

Documents Required

  • Most of the European Union (EU) countries require only the last three (3) years of insured employment and/or self-employment in Malta. There is no need to attach other FS3s of the rest of the years employed in Malta. However, different countries require different amount of years for the U1 form. This can only be confirmed with the relevant authorities in the European Union (EU) countries from where the Unemployment Benefit is being requested.
  • JobsPlus Termination Form of the last employment terminated in Malta.
  • In the case of Seafarers, a Termination Letter issued by the Employer, which is to include the date and reason of termination from the employment.
  • In the case of Employees who are paid their Vacation Leave Pay Out, that is, Vacation Leave Day not utilised during the insured employment, are to upload the last payslip to list this amount as part of their earnings. Other employees do not need to upload any payslips of their insured employment.

How to apply

Fill in and submit the application online.