Injury Benefit


An Injury Benefit may be awarded to a person registered under the Social Security Act (Cap. 318.) and who suffers from personal injury caused by an accident arising out of or in the course of his employment or self-occupation. A person who has developed a disease (occupational disease) may be entitled to an Injury / Industrial Disease Benefit.

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What you’ll get

The Injury Benefit is paid on a weekly basis. The Injury Benefit payment starts after the date of injury and the following 3 consecutive working days.  The date of injury and the following 3 working days are to be paid full by the employer.

The first payment is not issued until the applicant has been examined by the Medical Board, appointed in accordance to the Social Security Act (Cap. 318.), unless the person returns to work prior to ten days after the caused injury.

If a person is certified by the Medical Board, appointed in accordance to the Social Security Act (Cap. 318.) as being still unfit for work and a year has elapsed from the date of injury, accordingly he is required to submit a weekly medical certificate to be awarded Sickness Benefit.

If a person has suffered a permanent disability due to the injury incurred and after 12 months of being in receipt of an Injury Benefit, s/he may apply for a one-time Injury Grant, Injury Pension or Invalidity Pension by application including a detailed, medical report filled in by a specialist. In the report, the specialist will need to list the severity of the disability. The case will then be reviewed by a Medical Board, appointed in accordance to the Social Security Act (Cap. 318.) that will decide upon the case and the total percentage disability suffered. For more information about the Injury Grant or Injury Pension please click here.

A Self-Occupied person will be awarded Social Security Contribution Credits when he is in receipt of Injury Benefit.

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A person who suffered injury on duty, that must have compromised the person’s ability to work for over 3 days.

How to apply

Application and required documents for Injury Benefit is to reach the Department of Social Security within 10 days from date of injury.

Fill in and submit the application online.