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Milk Grant


A Milk Grant is awarded to a mother who has the care and custody of a child who is less than 40 weeks of age and requires weaning or complementary feeding else to a mother who cannot breastfeed for medical reasons.

What you’ll get

A Milk Grant is paid every 4 weeks in advance.

The 1st payment is issued from the 1st Saturday after the date of the application.

Please click here for a Schedule of Benefits Rates.


A Mother who is already in receipt of either Social Assistance; Single Unmarried Parents Assistance; Unemployment Assistance or Tuberculosis Assistance.

Documentation required

General documentation:

  • Click here to download the Medical Report

How to apply

Once the application is submitted and verified by the Department of Social Security, it will be submitted for recommendation before a Medical Board, appointed in accordance to the Social Security Act (Cap. 318.). A Milk Grant will be paid until the child reaches 40 weeks of age starting from date of birth. If the application is rejected, the claimant will be informed accordingly in writing by the Department of Social Security.

Fill in and submit the application online.