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Documents – Submit


This service allows you to upload copies of documents requested by the Department of Social Security in a letter of notification to the claimant, known as a Call Letter. As a result, the Department of Social Security sends a Call Letter to the Claimant, to be informed of which additional documents are required to complete the processing of a submitted or a revision request application.

The service

This service allows a citizen to upload copies of documents requested by the Department of Social Security. The requested documents must be prepared as a scanned copy once the claimant receives a Call Letter before being uploaded online. During this process, the online service may request additional information. The deadline for submissions will also be specified in the Call Letter. If the requested information is not received on time, the entitlement to the benefit, or a portion of it, may be delayed or forfeited.

All attachments are immediately saved to the Department’s Documents Repository after being uploaded. The Department of Social Security then verifies these for accuracy and validity.

Aside from adopting a once-only principle for documentation used within different sections, attachments would no longer need to be printed because they would already be available online. This increases efficiency while saving money on document printing and storage. In addition, the claimant can submit all required documents online at his or her leisure, eliminating the need to visit a hub.


General eligibility criteria:

  • Any citizen that has requested a benefit through an application, or is currently receiving a benefit by the Department of Social Security, and received a Call Letter to forward further necessary documents.


To use this service, you will need:

  • The Document Number as indicated in the Call Letter, if you choose to authenticate with your e-ID account, which is issued by Identity Malta.
  • The Document Number together with your Identity Card Number, if you choose not to authenticate with your e-ID.
  • The scanning of the documents submitted, can be done using any kind of device, The size of each document must not be of more than 5MB, up to a total of 10MB for the full submission.

How to access the service

Once the claimant receives a Call Letter issued by the Department of Social Security, the Documents – Submit service may be accessed.