Special Unemployment Benefit


Special Unemployment Benefit may be awarded to a person who has paid Class 1 or Class 2 Social Security Contributions; qualifies for the Unemployment Assistance and is the Head of Household.

What you’ll get

Special Unemployment Benefit is paid on a 6-day week basis and covers payment for Monday to Saturday.

A beneficiary is entitled to a maximum of 156 days of Unemployment Benefit. Moreover, this entitlement is based on the number of Social Security Contributions paid by the claimant prior to the claim.

Please click here for a Schedule of Benefits Rates.


General eligibility criteria:

  • The applicant is the Head of Household
  • Claimant has paid a minimum of 50 Class 1 and/or Class 2 Social Security Contributions since being registered under the Social Security Act (Cap. 318.) until date of Benefit Claim; and also has 20 paid or credited Class 1 or Class 2 Social Security Contributions during the last 2 consecutive calendar years prior to the request for the Unemployment Benefit
  • The applicant must satisfy the Capital Means Test. Capital resources must not exceed €23,300 for a couple and €14,000 for a single person
  • Any income deriving from Rents; Bank Interest from Capital, Stocks and Shares; Alimony / Child Maintenance and any other Income derived; must not exceed the maximum Unemployment Assistance rate as per household
  • To be entitled for the full 156 days of Unemployment Benefit, the claimant must satisfy the Social Security Contributions Tests indicated above and also have a minimum of 156 Social Security Contributions paid

Documentation required

General documentation:

  • Copy of ID Card
  • Water and Electricity bill
  • Bank Statements (local and foreign bank accounts)
  • Relative documents re value of any Stocks/Shares/Bonds and the income derived thereof
  • Market value of any vacant property in Malta and/or abroad (not being House of Residence and/or Summer Residence)
  • Copy of rent receipt/rent agreement if house of residence is rented
  • Copy of rent agreement if rent is derived from other properties
  • Copy of driving licences of head of household and spouse/partner
  • Separation/divorce documents if the case
  • Copy of payslip of spouse/partner if in employment

How to apply

Fill in and submit the application online.