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Jibda jitħallas is-suppliment ta’ €​250 lil kull familja intitolata għal In-Work Benefit​ (Maltese version only)

03/07/2020 | Latest News, Press Release

More than 93,000 pensioners benefit from a rise in pensions

More than 93,000 pensioners are benefitting from a rise in pensions, as promised by the government. Every pensioner will notice a rise of €5 weekly as from Saturday, 2nd January, with the rest of the payments to be commenced in the coming days.

Another innovative measure related to pensions is that in which a number of persons which had not paid enough social security contributions will benefit from contributory pensions. In light of this, the government has made certain amendments to include social security contributions before the age of 19. Due to these changes, 257 persons will start receiving a pension for the first time. Most of these persons benefitting from the scheme are women.

As from Saturday, 16th January, 17,000 widows will start benefitting from this rise in pensions, with 17 widowed persons who will start receiving a full pension instead of 5/6. In the coming days, more people are to benefit from these measures.

This information was given during a press conference on Friday morning addressed by Minister for Social Justice and Solidarity, the Family and Children’s Rights Michael Falzon and Permanent Secretary Mark Musu.

Minister Michael Falzon said that this rise in pensions means the sixth consecutive increase during a Labour government, in clear contrast with previous Nationalist governments, which have never increased it in 25 years. Minister Falzon praised the new measure of adding social contributions before the age of 19.

Permanent Secretary Mark Musu explained that practically all increases in pensions will be set during the month of January.

As from 9th January, 57,469 retired pensioners start to receive the new payments, and on Saturday 23rd January those receiving invalidity pensions (3,000 persons), those receiving minimum pensions (9,700 persons) and the rest of the pensioners will receive the rise in pension.

On Saturday 6th February, another 2 payments are to be handed to the elderly, and these include the €300 bonus for those ageing between 75 and 79 years, and €350 for those over 80 years old. This bonus is given to persons who did not pay enough social contributions to receive a contributory pension.

Other payments related to social security and promised in the budget for 2021 are set to follow in the coming months, while the Children’s Allowance, the Supplementary Aid and the Foster Care Allowance have been already paid in December 2020.