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Medical Board Appointment – Request to Reschedule, Cancel or a Home Visit

01/02/2023 | Latest News

The Social Security Act (Cap. 318.) establishes amongst others provisions, that a person may be entitled to receive a benefit, pension, assistance or allowance (hereinafter referred to as benefit) under this Act, following the advice of the Department’s medical panel and multi-disciplinary panel, where applicable, in accordance with the proviso to article 106.

As a result, there are times when a person who has been scheduled to attend a medical board related to a benefit must postpone or cancel the appointment, or request a home visit. If the person fails to appear at the medical board without a justified reason, any pending benefits awaiting assessment and authorisation by the Department of Social Security may be terminated. This may also result in a benefit overpayment, which would then needs to be refunded by the beneficiary. For more information read more.