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Message by the Director General of Social Security, to mark the 66th anniversary of the establishment of the Department of Social Security

04/05/2022 | Latest News

This year the Department of Social Security is marking the 66th anniversary enactment of two laws that were the National Assistance Act and the National Insurance Act. These were two laws being utilised by all those persons who needed help where the person contributed to the national insurance scheme or not.

An important step was in 1987 when the two laws mentioned were consolidated into one, namely, the Social Security Act which is now the Department’s guide to adminisster and pay social benefits.

In these 66 years, various new benefits, pensions and assistance have been introduced and it can be said that we pay benefits prior to a person is born until one retires and afterwards.

Here, it is worth to mention all those officers who used to work in this Department, so that today, we can enjoy what we have today.
The changes made over the years at the Department of Social Security were not only in the benefits that were increased but also how it operates. While, in older days, all the work was done manually, today it is being done automatically, with less officers. This was done without reducing the level of service provided. All this is thanks to all the officers who work satisfactorily and from the heart. If it weren’t so, we have a section of the population that would be suffering due to our shortcomings.

Even the payment method has changed radically. Initially, payments were effected in cash, then effected by cheques, today we are paying directly into the beneficiary’s bank account. We have reached a very satisfactory presentage of paying bu direct credit but now we have to get each beneficiary to be paid directly into the bank account and no more cheques will be issued. As always, any changes are to be made step by step, without unnecessary hardship, especially for beneficiaries.

As Department of Social Security, we must remain committed to offering the most adequate social services. That is why we are doing as we have always done, to be close to the vulnerable and the most in need at particular moments.

Again, a big thank you to all the workers for all the work that is being done.