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Recognising Excellence: The Public Service Awards 2023

12/05/2023 | Latest News

The Public Service Awards serve as a platform to honour exceptional individuals and projects that have made notable contributions to public administration. Among the esteemed nominees for the 2023 Public Service Awards, the mySocialSecurity App emerged as the Best Digital Solution. This initiative, led by the Information Management Unit (IMU) of the Ministry for Social Policy and Children’s Rights (MSPC), has significantly transformed citizen services by promoting innovation, accessibility, and efficiency.

The mySocialSecurity App has elevated citizen services to new heights by placing utmost importance on accessibility, security, and convenience. The mySocialSecurity App seamlessly enables citizens to navigate personalised services, including calculators and self-service options, thereby facilitating the management of personal details and also benefits estimation. This technological advancement has not only enhanced efficiency for citizens but also streamlined operations for the Department of Social Security.

The success of the mySocialSecurity App is evident in its tangible results. It has substantially improved the quality and timeliness of services, resulting in reduced waiting times and increased utilisation of online services. Citizens can save valuable time and effort by making use of a range of self-service options, granting them 24/7 access to social security services. Additionally, the implementation of e-ID authentication within the App has bolstered security measures, significantly reducing the risk of fraud and identity theft.

By offering an accessible and convenient platform, mySocialSecurity has enabled citizens to engage with the Department for Social Security in a more efficient manner. Furthermore, this citizen-centric approach to service delivery has fostered a more efficient public service system, generating a positive impact on society as a whole, through enhanced efficiency and service provision.

The mySocialSecurity App has successfully harnessed the potential of data and technology to achieve positive outcomes. By offering comprehensive online services and utilising calculators, citizens are now equipped to make well-informed decisions regarding their social security benefits. Furthermore, the responsive design of the App ensures compatibility across multiple devices.

The mySocialSecurity project and the nominated unit have exemplified excellence in public service, by prioritising accessibility, efficiency and innovation. The mySocialSecurity project has initiated a transformative shift in citizen services, leaving an enduring impact on society. The recognition as the Best Digital Solution in the Public Service Awards 2023 not only validates our effort, but also serves as an inspiration for others to adopt similar approaches, leading to further advancements in public administration and citizen well-being.

None of this would have been possible without the invaluable support and empowerment provided by our esteemed Permanent Secretary, as well as the exceptional Social Security Team within MITA, whose dedication and collaboration have always been instrumental in this journey.