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Residential Address Referral

05/09/2023 | Latest News

In certain situations, individuals may find themselves lacking a fixed place of residence, which can pose challenges when attempting to access essential services and benefits. To address this issue and also to provide support, the Foundation for Social Welfare Services (FSWS) has introduced the provision of temporary residential addresses within Malta or Gozo.

The main objective of the Residential Address Referral is providing a temporary residential address. This address becomes a crucial element for individuals seeking social security benefits or applying for social assistance. It allows them to access various services that generally require a fixed place of residence, which enables them to regain stability in their lives.

 In order to access this service, applicants need to fulfil specific eligibility criteria. Primarily, they must present a valid document to prove their identity. Once an individual submits their application, the FSWS undertakes an assessment. This evaluation typically concludes within two (2) weeks, after which a Social Worker from the Department of Social Security contacts the applicant to assist in filling out the Social Assistance application. The case is subject to a review after a three (3) month period to ensure the continued relevance of the temporary residential address.

 This initiative embodies compassion and support, helping vulnerable members of society to regain their footing and work towards a brighter future. The service not only addresses immediate needs but also paves the way for potential long-term solutions, emphasising the value of stability and security in every person’s life.

 To make the service easily accessible, applicants can choose from three (3) methods to apply for the Residential Address Referral service. Firstly, they can visit one of the hubs, where they will receive assistance with the application process by a agent. The applicants can also visit the Foundation for Social Welfare Services where a Social Worker will be in assistance. Alternatively, applicants can opt for the convenience of submitting their application online by clicking here.