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Social Security Benefits Eligibility for Ukrainian nationals holders of Temporary Protection in Malta

12/04/2022 | Latest News

If you are a Ukrainian national benefiting from Temporary Protection in Malta, you can work, register for the compulsory health insurance, and claim Social Assistance benefits from the Maltese Government.

To receive Social Assistance, you must lodge a claim for benefits through one of the hubs.

As a beneficiary of temporary protection status, you can receive aid equivalent to the core Social Assistance. This right to core Social Assistance is available as soon as you are granted the temporary protection certificate.

If you are the Head of your own Household and are living on your own, Social Assistance is awarded in your own right.  However, if your household consists of other family members, the household is awarded additional Social Assistance including entitlement to other eligible family members forming part of your household.

These benefits can be paid to you by means of a weekly cheque until you are able to open a local bank account.

Benefits will be paid to you until you engage in a gainful activity or until the expiry of the validity of your temporary protection status issued by Malta.