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Social Security Contributions – A Guide to Viewing Your Record and Identifying Potential Missing Contributions

01/08/2023 | Latest News

Knowing about your Social Security Contributions record is important for planning your retirement and understanding your eligibility for benefits. The Department of  Social Security offers two online services that help citizens view their record and check for potential missing contributions.

The first service, Social Security Contributions – Record, allows you  to view their Class 1 Social Security Contributions and Credits which refer to employed persons to, as well as Class 2 / Class 3 Social Security Contributions and Credits which refer to self-employed and self-occupied persons. The Record shows categorised contributions for each year, and the service updates in December of the following year to include the previous year’s contributions. To access the service, you must have an e-ID account issued by Identity Malta.

The second service, Check for Missing Social Security Contributions, guides you to identify potential gaps in your contributions record and take actions to address any missing contributions. If you were not gainfully employed, did not reside in Malta, or were exempt from paying Social Security Contributions after the age of 16, you may have missing contributions during those periods. The service provides information on how to address any gaps and helps you check your status regarding social security contributions. To use this service, you must have a valid e-ID account issued by Identity Malta.

Having a clear understanding of your Social Security Contributions record can give you peace of mind and help you plan for your future. With this online service, you can easily view your social security contributions record gaps and take steps to address any potential missing contributions.

If you do not have an e-ID issued by Identity Malta, it only take a few minutes to create an e-ID account.